What To Expect


Prior To Your Session

Be sure you have your outfit choices from head to toe prepared and laid out the day prior.  I'm a big fan of bare feet for kiddos so don't stress about matching footwear!!  If you have any requests as far as what kind of shots you’d like, feel free to email me ahead of time or bring a note so you can let me know at the start of our session!  Lastly be sure everyone gets a good night sleep, we all tend to shine a little brighter in photos when we’ve had a good night sleep.


What To Wear

Have your clothing chosen way in advance and make sure that your outfit choices are comfortable and timeless.  I love movement in clothing, your daughters dress can twirl, Mom has a flowing tank or Dad's shirt is a loose button up.  What is your family photo vision?  If it is to be soft and elegant...  Chose neutral colors with soft, flowing fabrics…. think creams, very soft pastels, oatmeals, light browns, tans, grays, and slate blues.  Want to showcase the fun and spunky side of your family?  Choose coordinating colors (but not matchy, matchy) with bold accent colors, such as hues of gray with yellow or bright red accents.  Adding fun accessories like scarves, headbands, hats, etc. can add a modern twist and sassy flair to your images.


I love the tips and outfit suggestions found on Paint the Moon, extraordinarymommy.com & Kristen Duke Photography  feel free to check out their blogspots below for some more fun tips and color suggestions!! 

I'm a big fan of the natural organic look, here are my Pinterest pages for some favorite looks for Children & Family:

In Studio: https://www.pinterest.com/kfrangiamore/natural-studio-look/

Outdoors: https://www.pinterest.com/kfrangiamore/natural-outdoor-look/

Here are links to my favorite maternity looks:

Winter Maternity: https://www.pinterest.com/explore/winter-maternity-photography/

Spring, Summer or Fall Maternity: https://www.pinterest.com/ellendykstrapho/what-to-wear-for-a-photo-session-maternity/

Here are some samples pages from fellow photographers, I love these for inspiration with pops of color!




Meet Lisa

As a fashionista, I love trends and style.  And as a Mom, I know its not always easy to find time to get pretty.  That's why I love being an accessory stylist.  I focus on creating stylish looks that are super easy to duplicate.  I approach getting dressed with an easy 123 step process, which leaves my clients feeling polished and put together.  Whether I'm helping you pick out what to wear from the clothes you already have, loaning you the perfect jewelry to complete your look or personally shopping for you, I'm here to help! Now... lets get you ready for your photos!!

Lisa is a super awesome gal and a great resource to get you ready for picture day.  You can reach out to her directly for her services at prettyshinythings1@gmail.com.

Photo Shoot Day

My goal for the session is for me to bring out your family's natural joy of life together!  I always start the session with that formal posed portrait Grandma loves for her wall.  Then I try to move and make things fun and capture candid images of you being a family together.  My goal for every session is to have a good balance of posed and candid images of your family.  


Please try to arrive on location 10 minutes prior to your scheduled session. This allows everyone a few minutes to run in a circle, go potty or get touched up and be ready to start on time.  I will have a few fun props with me, but you are also welcome to bring along anything special that you wish to have incorporated in your photos as well and I can do my best to include them!  Please bring the balance due for your session via cash or check.  I will collect this at the end of our session.


Extra Tips: 


Pack a Bag of FUN!  You do not need to bring your purse along during the shoot so a Mommy Bag of Fun is always a great idea!  Pack some snacks like smarties, gold fish, little crackers, skittles or dum dum suckers as a special treat.  Bring sippy cups of water for those kiddos who may be dying of thirst half way through the session. Pack a favorite blanket or toy to keep your kiddos occupied during any down time and to help bring our their personality if they are being shy.


End your session with some FUN! Some of the most successful family sessions I have had incorporated an activity that the family loves to do together.  Does your family have a special reading time? Bring some books!  Is your favorite dessert ice cream?  Bring some ice cream bars or popsicles for the end of the session! Do the kids love to play board games or cards?  Plan to play a round of Uno or Go Fish!  Other fun family ideas include: football, piggy back rides, races, bike riding, hiking, singing, picnics, the ideas can go on forever with what your family loves to do most!  When families are engaged in doing something that they love together, I will have the opportunity to take some beautiful and authentic photographs custom just for YOU!


After Your Session

I will review and edit all of the photos from your session!  Full sessions will receive 30-40 fully edited images with a copy right release via digital download 7-10 days after the session.  Mini sessions will receive 15-20 fully edited images with a copy right release via digital download 7-10 days after the session.   Your gallery to view and purchase prints through me will be available for 3 weeks once you have received your images via email.  



Resources: Krista Campbell, CMpro, Paint the Moon, Kristen Duke & ExtraordinaryMommy.com & friendly photographers on Pinterest for some of these helpful tips. 

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